Roller Blinds

We have spent the past 10 years focusing on innovation- creating the best systems for our customers that are easy to sell- because the quality speaks for itself. If we don’t provide a competitive advantage for our customers, we need to work harder. SunBoss, designed in Australia by Blindware, reinvents the roller blind system. Smoother, quieter clutches and a wide range of modular components provide a superior user experience for any customer- residential or commercial.

Roller Blinds


Blindware has developed a truly different blind hardware system, to strengthen our brand and offer our customers a real competitive advantage. SunBoss is the embodiment of that philosophy.

Superior operation with a truly modular approach, SunBoss performs without the complexity and inventory load of other systems. Our aim is to make things easy, without compromising on performance.

Chain Operated LIght Medium Heavy
Spring Size
300 mm
710 mm
985 mm


Introducing the world’s number 1 cordless system ZeroGravity. Lift with the lightest touch!

When paired with SunBoss roller system componentry, ZeroGravity™ creates the new standard for roller blinds. We have designed the ultimate balancing system, where a simple adjustment of the ZeroGravity™ spring perfectly balances the weight of the blind, no matter what size blind or fabric weight.

The result is virtually effortless operation. Open or close the blind fully, or anywhere in between, with the lightest touch of a finger, continuous pull of a chain or the smallest motor.

  • 3 lift modes available. Chain, chainless or motorised
  • Effortless operation
  • Evenly distributes weight across large blinds
  • Mini ZG version for narrow blinds
  • Perfect for child safety and people with mobility issues


We all know that the body does not function without a sound heart. The clutch is the heart of the roller blind. SunBoss is that heart. It boasts many advanced features that make it different to any roller blind clutch you have ever seen before.

As one of Australia’s leading roller blind component wholesalers, we understand the key elements that create a great product. As a result, the SunBoss clutch is truly different. Smoother, quieter and more stable in the brackets, SunBoss raises the bar on performance.

Pin ends are offered in 5 co-ordinating colours. Easy to install, easy to remove and more stability, they have been designed with the same approach as the entire SunBoss range – they work better.

Chain Operated LIght Medium Heavy
Spring Size
300 mm
710 mm
985 mm

Spring Assist

SunBoss spring assist works better than ever, thanks to a major design review after listening to what our customers need. It’s quieter, smoother and stronger than any of its predecessors.

Foam now surrounds the aluminium shaft to reduce noise as the spring operates.

Rubberised wheels run smoothly and quietly inside the tube, with wheels available for each tube size.

Brackets Description
Natural, White, Black


One of the defining features of SunBoss bracket is that the complete range is compatible with chain controls and can be easily used for motorised systems or Zero Gravity.

Single brackets:
Slimline brackets in 40mm, 55mm and 75mm projection.

Double brackets:
Double BR Bracket Vertical double compact brackets, horizontal double recessed brackets, traditional P-Shape versions.

Centre brackets:
The configurable design means one bracket can be used for 3 different functions: pin-to-pin operation, linked blinds, and they fit the universal coupling insert for bay windows. 

Almost every problem solved in one product range.


Like all SunBoss components, modularity is king. Our tubes suit all blind sizes, and our universal tubes are the ultimate in versatility. 

MEGA-System brackets

Perfect for larger 63mm tube blinds, including double blinds up to 3.5 metres wide. MEGA-System works perfectly with chain operation, ZeroGravity or Motorised roller blinds. You can even link 63mm roller blinds using the high strength SunBoss coupling.

Brackets Description
Clear Anodised, White, Black

Cassette & Fascia

With the SunBoss cassette you no longer need to compromise when it comes to blackout blinds – on style, appearance, performance or flexibility! This sleek system offers attractive contemporary looks and total light blocking with a unique wrap around design.

For a stylish look and smooth functionality, our fascia system blends with window frames and hides components- giving any room a clean, stylish finish.

Multi-Link Drive

The SunBoss  multi-link system is strong, modular and simple to install. Use the same parts with any tube size from 38mm to 63mm (1.5” to 2.5”), even with bay windows. The retracting drive shaft saves time and makes for quicker, easier installs. Safely link blinds to 8 metres (26 feet) wide, even on a 50mm tube!

Wire Guide

The Wire Guide System is designed to limit the free movement of the base rail of a roller blind that might cause damage or knocking against window recesses or glass. Wire guides are normally installed into areas with long drop blinds or areas exposed to high winds or draughts, such as from building A/C vents. The base rail is fitted with special end caps that encapsulate a fixed vertical wire that restrains the base rail from lateral movement.

Blindware Australia Accessories

Motorisation Accessories

One of the major benefits of choosing SunBoss is that we make motorisation simple for any user. Whether you want to motorise using 38mm tube or 83mm tube, the hardware you use is the same as for manual lift systems We have motorisation adapters available right now for all commonly sold motor brands including Somfy, Becker, Nice, Elero, all Chinese motors and of course our own Motolux brand motors.