Zero Gravity. Available world wide.

Our ZeroGravity technology delivers world-first roller shade innovation.

With the ZeroGravity, the weight of the spring perfectly balances the weight of the shade over the entire range of travel. ZeroGravity shades are designed to remain perfectly balanced, no matter where you leave them!  

Shades glide up and down effortlessly, with just the lightest touch – as if gravity doesn’t exist! 

Effortless lift

When we say effortless lift, we really mean it!

ZeroGravity shades are super lightweight and can be raised and lowered simply by urging the base rail up or down by hand with almost zero effort. Almost anyone can operate these blinds with ease. 

Completely effortless, ZeroGravity cordless shades are perfect for home or office. They are also great for the elderly or frail, plus the cordless design makes them completely safe around young children.

Chain free operation – child safe 

Over the years, cords fitted to window shades have tragically killed many children who were too young to understand the dangers.

Blindware has worked hard to develop unique and cutting edge technology so that roller shades can be made 100% child-safe, even when parents are not around to supervise their little ones.

Our ZeroGravity cordless shade solution is the only cordless shade system that can make balanced roller shades from 25cm (10in) to 360cm (12ft) wide that are operated effortlessly from the base rail.

With ZeroGravity you can have peace of mind! No chains. No cords. Completely safe for your children and pets. 

Modular, Flexible & Versatile

ZeroGravity is modular by design, integrating into ALL SunBoss bracket systems.

There is a solution for every project when you use SunBoss + ZeroGravity! You can provide customers with a huge range of versatile and beautiful solutions to meet their shading needs. 

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