Wire guide on a roller blind
Wire guide on a motorised roller blind.

Wire guide is simple but effective.

A wire guide is a simple, yet premium feature because it’s designed to improve the function and life of roller blinds. It’s just as it sounds! A slimline, stainless steel wire that loops through the base rail end caps and stops the blind from knocking on plaster and glass. The wire is fixed to the window and allows the roller blind to glide up and down effortlessly. This means it’s perfect for open windows, or windows in a drafty area. Many wire guides have been developed for outdoor shades and blinds. However, Blindware has made an indoor wire guide that is compact and slim, making it perfectly discreet on internal windows.

Improve the life of your roller blinds.

There is nothing like a bit of fresh breeze moving through the room on a warm day. Especially in spring or summer! Unfortunately, unless its fully retracted, the roller blind can get in the way of this simple pleasure. This is because the base rail on a roller blind can flap about when the window is open, causing it to knock into plaster, scratch glass, or dent window frames. Not only can the blind damage the window, but the blind its self can become damaged over time. A wire guide is an effective solution to this problem!

Sun glare in an office with AC.

Long drop windows with long blinds are especially susceptible to damage from wind or draft. Consider an office setting. You often have long, floor to celling windows, with transparent roller shades that restrict glare while still providing a view through to the outside. These blinds are really important for improving comfort levels for staff. Unfortunately, office buildings usually have centrally controlled air conditioning which can wreck havoc on the long drop roller blinds. Especially if those blinds have been lowered to reduce glare and are knocking around on the window causing an annoying distraction. That is where a wire guide makes a huge difference.

Wire Guide Benefits and features.

  • Stops the base rail from knocking on glass and plaster
  • Stainless steel wire
  • Invertible end caps
  • Works with all brackets 
  • Integrated tension system
  • Compatible with all lift types
  • Improves the longevity and function of roller blinds
  • Easy to install
  • Perfect for windows with a long drop in drafty areas
  • Great up selling tool for blind retailers and manufacturers
  • Flexible and versatile

Interested in making roller blinds with a wire guide?

If you make and/or sell roller blinds, then wire guide is for you. Especially if you are you interested in a simple product that can add value to your sales channels. Talk to the Blindware team about pricing on wire guide components today! Because, this easy to use and install product is a great upselling tool for your sales team.

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