Motolux wireless blind motor: The next generation has arrived.

Just launched, the latest in wireless blind motors is here! Our 28mm DC rechargeable tubular motor has had an upgrade. This means, it’s now featuring a universal USB-C charging port, making this powerful motor compatible with everyday living.

Features and benefits

  • Rechargeable battery offers your customers a motorised blind solution without the need for an expensive electrician.
  • Easy to use, with a quality battery a quality long-lasting battery giving you more time between charging.
  • Add value to your sales channel, by offering for your customers a premium wireless blind motor solution that is easy and cost effective to install.
  • Universal USB-C port for convenient charging.
Motolux wireless blind motor 28mm DC rechargeable USB-C
Motolux wireless blind motor charging block, adaptor and charging cable for 28mm DC rechargable USB-c motor.

Wireless blind motors made accessible for everyone

Motorised blinds used to be a luxury option for high end design and functionality. But, now the technology is affordable, accessible and easily integrated into the smart homes of today. This is because Motolux can give your customers a reliable, motorised blind solution without the need for expensive electricians.

Our new wireless blind motors are a perfect when you are manufacturing blinds for an existing home, rather than a new build. Because there is no need for your customers to go through the headache of having electrical wires fitted in finished plaster. There is no mess! Also, there are no expensive electricians or logistics to deal with. This means you can simply fit the motor during the manufacturing process, install the blinds for your customer and program the remote.

Want to learn more?

Become our manufacturing partner. Because, at Blindware, we believe in partnering with our customers to improve business outcomes. How can this benefit you? Our innovative modular component systems make it fast and easy for our customers to manufacture quality roller blinds. This also means, we make premium products and accessories that ensure value is added to your sales channels. Also, our quality control builds consumer trust in your brand. To find out how Blindware can support your manufacturing process, talk to our team today.

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