Blindware are ensuring all motorised blind remotes in the range are compliant with new regulations.

Motorised blinds and remote controls are impacted by new coin battery regulations.

Urgent Product Update

The Australian Government has outlined new regulations for all devices using internal coin/button batteries, effective as of 22nd June 2022. These regulations will temporarily impact the sale and distribution of some Blindware remote control units used with our motorised blinds.

Blindware is committed to ensuring the safety of young children around our products. We have tested our current range of battery-operated remotes against the new regulations and are making the necessary design adjustments to ensure compliance.

So, what does this mean for our customers?

Affected Products: Remote Controls for Motorised Blinds

All ‘flat style’ handheld remote controls with coin batteries in our range will be replaced with a USB rechargeable battery version, available in 4 weeks time. These new remotes do not use coin/button batteries inside. See below for interim solution.

All compact wall remote controls in our range no longer comply and cannot be sold any longer. These will be redesigned by our team over the next few months. In the interim, we will be returning to the original wall remote design (available in 1 & 2 channels).
Hand held motorised blind remotes

Current coin battery “flat” remotes with the battery compartment permanently closed (glued) have passed certification testing. We will supply these for the next 4 weeks, until our new series of remotes arrive. These glued remotes are single use only (replace when battery is flat in 3-5 years). Available at 1/2 price.

Original 1 & 2 channel wall remote design used with our motorised blinds will temporarily replace all ‘compact’ wall remotes. 

Customer service team for motorised blinds at Blindware

We are here to help!

If you have stock of remote controls that no longer comply with Australian standards, talk to our team today about exchanging them for suitable alternatives.

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