Decora Fascia is a roller blind accessory that can be fabric wrapped to match your blind.

One fascia, many styles.

What’s a fascia you ask? A fascia cleverly disguises all the roller blind components like brackets and roller tube, leaving you with a clean modern look! Streamline the look and feel of your roller blinds with Blindware’s new Decora Fascia. This innovative product fits perfectly, while giving you effortless function and style.


Decora Fascia Product Image

The Decora Fascia is so versatile, you can style it to suit any window. This is because Decora Fascia can be perfectly fabric wrapped using the same fabric as your roller blind. Even the end caps! You can also choose from 5 modern colours if you prefer a powder coated or anodised metal finish. The style possibilities are endless.

How to choose the best fabric for your roller blinds.

So, you have snapped up a Decora Fascia roller blind. Now it’s time to get creative with your style! The best way to select the perfect fabric is to consider the décor in your room. What colours are your furniture? Do you have lots of natural light? Fabric colours can be selected to stand out and make a statement, or blend in and provide a backdrop that makes your other room decor pop. It can be tempting to play it safe and select the modern standard ‘shades of grey’, but the Decora Fascia offers a chance to style things with a bit of pizzazz.

Get creative with fabric colours with the decora fascia.


Choose a fabric that suits your style!

Decora Fascia roller blind – Tips for picking fabric

  • Consider your furniture colour and style. Roller blind fabric can match or contrast the rest of your décor.
  • Dark fabric colours can make a room feel small, so consider the size of the room.
  • Is this your forever home? Then pick a fabric you will love, don’t worry about the future buyer.
  • Consider the fabric function i.e. light filtering, block-out for privacy or fabric for energy efficiency.

We recommend selecting a fabric that will give you comfort as well as style. Blockout fabrics that block light, are great in a bedroom setting. Especially if you don’t want nature’s alarm clock blaring through the window, waking you up! Another fabric to consider is a transparent, screen fabric that allows you to view through the window, while protecting you from glare. These screen fabrics are perfect in the living room areas, when you want to keep an eye out on the kids in the backyard.

Decora Fascia roller blinds are all about lift!

It may seem obvious, but roller blinds go up and down. Did you know that the mechanisms that make this work are often what makes your blind last for years to come? There are so many options for lifting and lowering a roller blind. Luckily, Decora Fascia works with all kinds of lift systems! This means you will always get function with your style.

Choose the right lift system for your lifestyle

Decora fascia fits perfectly over all types of lift systems. The fascia cleverly conceals all the mechanical parts of the blind, giving your clean, modern lines. It may not seem like a big deal, but how you lift your blind directly effects the experience you have with the blinds in your home. We all know what a wonky, squeaky blind, that gets stuck half way feels like…. annoying right? The right lift system can also help if you have mobility issues, or if you have children in the home and need a chain free option. There is more to consider than how pretty the fabric looks!

Decora Fascia works with:

  • Motorised blinds, including connected to home automation
  • Chain or chainless operated blinds
  • ZeroGravity blinds (#1 cordless system in the world)
  • Spring assist blinds for easy lift

So, where can I get a Decora Fascia roller blind?

Did you know, this beautiful product was designed in Australia by the Blindware team? Blindware works with lots of blind makers around the country! Check out a list of some of our customers below, they will be able to quote and measure a Decora Fascia roller blind for you.

Decora Fascia Suppliers in Australia




South Australia


Western Australia

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