Perfectly Balanced by Design, Perfectly Weightless in Operation

What is ZeroGravity?

The design is simple. The weight of the ZeroGravity spring perfectly offsets the weight of the blind over the entire range of travel.
This means that users can put the blind up or down with the lightest touch. It’s truly world first innovation in the roller blind category.

How does ZeroGravity work?

Chain Operation - Light, Smooth & Effortless

Attach the ZeroGravity spring to a SunBoss clutch to transform your roller blind- no matter how wide, what fabric weight or what tube diameter- into something truly effortless to operate.

Chain Free Operation - Child Safe with Zero effort

Use the ZeroGravity spring to create the perfect chainless blind that can be raised and lowered with the lightest touch. No chain required. Perfect for family homes.

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