Tuscany PVC Slat System

Not all PVC blind systems are created equal! Tuscany has been specially developed to better handle typical Australian conditions, through its unique chemical formulation and our co-extrusion production technology. Rated at 55C, Tuscany will outperform almost all other PVC products sold in Australia.


General product overview

swatch2Tuscany is a PVC based slat system designed for use in the manufacture of wood look-alike blinds having either 50mm or 63mm slat width. The unique combination of polymer co-extrusion and high temperature formulation ensure Tuscany performs reliably over a wider range of temperatures and conditions than previous generations of PVC slat systems. Tuscany is very suitable for use in all areas of the home or office, including in wet areas.

The Tuscany range includes the following basic components:

  • 50.4 x 3.0mm slat
  • 63.5 x 3.0mm slat
  • 82.5 x 8.3mm ‘Harbour Bridge’ valance or fascia
  • 50.2 x 14.5mm H-profile Bottom Rail.

Standard colours, sizes and textures available include:

COLOUR 50mm 63mm
Smooth Embossed Smooth Embossed
Snow White X X X
Pearl White X X X
Oyster White X X X
Raw Cotton X
Moon Stone X
Pebble X
Ash Rose X
Flint X

Matching valance and fascia is available in all colours and textures.

Point of sale support

Tuscany is supported with an attractive swatch deck, which is available to retailers and fabricators.

Key selling features

Tuscany range has several features that provide competitive advantage over other PVC based systems sold in Australia. In particular, these include:

  • Tuscany incorporates leading technologies that raise the temperature rating of the product from conventional levels of 40-45C, up to a level of 55C. The specific technologies used include polymer co-extrusion and special high temperature chemical formulation. Co-extrusion incorporates a lighter colour core that is less heat absorbing, combined with an outer PVC skin that carries the slat colouring.
  • A contemporary palette of tinted grey colours has been developed to match the modern colour schemes used in many homes today. The palette has been specially developed in conjunction with one of Australia’s foremost colour experts.
  • 82mm wide valance allows complete coverage of standard high profile 57x51mm head rail, creating a more finished appearance after installation.
  • 63mm slat width is available for the three white colours and allows you to mix 50mm and 63mm blinds using the same product without concerns about matching colours within the same room or house. It also allows you to match 63mm blinds with shutters, when a shutter is not suitable for certain applications.
  • Smooth finishes are available in 50mm and 63mm slats in 3 colours, being Snow White, Pearl White and Oyster White.
  • When sold in conjunction with Blindware’s NewYork PS slat system and Paris natural wood system, retailers and consumers are provided with a very clear Good, Better, Best product positioning proposition.

Fabrication requirements

There are several considerations for fabricators when using Tuscany, including:

  • Standard lengths for cartons of inventory are as below:
    • Slat 1930mm and 2750mm
    • Valance 2750mm
    • Bottom Rail 2750mm
  • Recommended tape spacing is 300mm and maximum end route distance is 150mm.

In general, the full range of Tuscany product is held by Blindware in all national warehouses, located Melbourne (central warehouse), plus in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

Product limitations

While Tuscany is a high quality product, like any plastic slat product, it can have some limitations in extreme conditions. It is not recommended that vary dark colours be installed into windows that receive full sun and where the temperature specification may be exceeded. Tuscany is rated at 55C and temperatures in excess of this may cause permanent damage to the product.

Product warranty

Tuscany is provided with a one-year warranty.