25mm Aluminium Coil

General Product Overview:

Blindware stocks a wide range of fast moving colours in both 0.18mm and 0.21mm coil. Made from high quality aluminium, the colour range includes the Top 10 selling colours in both thickness products. A limited range of 50mm coil is also available. All colours are held nationally in our warehouses, located in Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and Brisbane.

Indent enquiries are welcome.

Also Available

  • Indent orders accepted for almost any colour.
  • Woodtone slat colours. Ask to see samples.
  • 50mm aluminium slat, available in 0.21 and 0.24mm thickness.
  • Perforated slat in almost any colour.
BLINDWARE Nearest Competitor Colour (or colour desc) Comment   BLINDWARE Nearest Competitor Colour (or colour desc) Comment
Col. Number Type Col. Number Type
25mm x 0.21mm Coil 25mm x 0.18mm Coil
C101 S 402 – White Gloss Good match C101 S C0001 Good Match
C131 S White Matt Repl. by C1259 C4475 S C0848 Good Match
C117 S White Matt   C144 S C0266 Good Match
C127 S Cream Matt   C4471 S C0285 Good match
C109 S Cream Gloss   C418 S C0260 Good Match
C144 S Cream Matt Repl. by C127 C4476 S C0651 Good Match
C4499 S 381 – Vanilla Good match C901 M C0017 Very Similar
C4496 S 110 – Arctic White Good match C902 M C0058 Good Match
C1259 S 400 – White Satin Good match C937 BM C0713 Good Match
C1260 S 404 – White Snow Good match C9331 S C0717 BW Slightly Darker
C1258 S 177 – Cotton Good match  
C4498 S 322 – Raw Silk Good match 50mm x 0.23mm Coil
C4497 S 293 – Magnolia Good match C101 S C0001 Good Match
C214 S Gloss Peach   C4471 S C0285/Raw Silk Good Match
C401 S   For deletion C937 (0.21mm)  BM C0713 Good Match
C402 S   For deletion        
C405 S   For deletion        
C410 S Gloss Beige          
C821 S Grey Sheen Lighter        
C826 S Grey Sheen Darker        
C9331 S Charcoal          
C812 S Black Matt          
C814 S 136 – Gloss Black Good match        
C9342 M 143 – Bright Grey Good match        
C9343 M 150 – Bright Steel Good match        
C901 M Clear Metallic          
C902 M 140 – Bright Sterling Good match        
C908 M Bright Gold          
C937 BM 141 – Bright Silver Good match        
C812P PF Black Matt – Perf. Perforated        
C937P BM Bright Silver – Perf. Perforated