Motorised Roman

General Product Overview:


The ideal solution for all your motorised roman blind needs.

The motorised roman blind is a uniquely designed motorised head rail system removing the need to use a roller blind motor for roman blind automation.  With a narrow projection, large loading capacity and very easy assembly, installation and limit settings, the motor is suitable for all roman blinds, and other corded flat blinds in commercial and domestic areas.  Simply plug and operate.

Product Features:

  • Suitable for light to heavy weight roman blinds of up to 5.5 meters in width and 3.5 meter drop (up to 12kg blind weight, depending on fabric)
  • Narrow projection of 42mm from the wall, the smallest projection for roman blind automation
  • Operation by radio remote control handset or fixed wall switch.  Cbus compatible
  • Electronic limit adjustment to any required or pre-set position
  • Stepping adjustment by 1mm ensures easier levelling for prefect alignment at the top and bottom
  • Individual or group motor control, with up to 11 channels per remote
  • Safety device preventing accidents whilst the upper limit setting is in progress
  • Remote operation up to 30 meters inside buildings and up to 100 meters in open areas
  • Wall mount (with internal installation bracket) or ceiling fixed (through holes on the top of the head rail) compatible
  • New motor set up without disconnecting power to other motors installed
  • Easy programming with option to re-assign channels without the need to reset limits
  • Overload and overheat protection
  • Blind attachment via top of the head rail with double sided adhesive tape an/or top pins, no sewing
  • Silent operation
  • Australian design and patent


Fabrication Requirements:

The motorised roman head rail system can be purchased as individual components or as a completed custom fabricated head rail system.

  • Standard lengths for custom fabricated head rail systems are as below:
Fabricated – 1100mm Wide Fabricated – 3500mm Wide
Fabricated – 1500mm Wide Fabricated – 4000mm Wide
Fabricated – 2000mm Wide Fabricated – 4500mm Wide
Fabricated – 2500mm Wide Fabricated – 5000mm Wide
Fabricated – 3000mm Wide Fabricated – 5500mm Wide

Product Warranty:

Motorised Roman is provided with a 5-year warranty.


Motorised Roman compliance certificate.

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