Roller Blinds

General Product Overview

sunboss-logoBlindware is the exclusive distributor of SUNBOSS products for Australia and New Zealand. SUNBOSS is a world leader in the design and manufacture of Roller Blind hardware systems and is the largest sold product worldwide.

Blindware offers systems for the manufacture of roller blinds from 28mm to 83mm, including for manual and motorised applications. In addition to sourcing roller blind components from SUNBOSS’s vast range, Blindware is also a developer of many proprietary components that enhance the capability of Skyline clutches and components. These proprietary components are now sold successfully into many countries around the world including through the SUNBOSS sales network. Blindware developed products are listed below.

The SUNBOSS range is comprised of two basic product families:


Skyline range

Skyline is an excellent solution for everyday blind applications. It incorporates all the features you will require to handle all your blind applications up to 3 metres wide.


Galaxy range

The Galaxy systems are very suitable for all your large to very large blind applications. Used to span window openings up to 5.5 metres.



One of the major benefits of choosing SUNBOSS is that we make motorisation easy! Whether you want to motorise using 38mm tube or 83mm tube, the hardware you use is the same as for manual lift systems We have motorisation adapters available right now for all commonly sold motor brands including Somfy, Becker, Nice, Elero, all Chinese motors and of course our own Motolux brand motors.

35mm motors tubular-300x46

lifetime_warranty_13.jpgProduct Support

Blindware offers extensive technical and product support for the SUNBOSS range. Your first stop should always be the Blindware website, where you will be able to find a wide range of support materials, including online product catalogue, technical brochures, fabrication and installation manuals and software downloads.