Deco N203

Deco N203 is a new, premium quality, European made, sophisticated fabric range. It is constructed using PVC coated fiberglass to ensure stability and suppleness. The fiberglass core also boasts higher fire retardancy. The range is divided into four colour palettes, ‘Cool Mood’, ‘Lilac Sunset’, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Natural’.





Technical Specification:

  • 2×1 weave
  • 3% openness
  • fabric weight 435gsm
  • composition – PVC coated fiberglass
  • nominal thickness 0.45mm
  • roll widths 200cm, 250cm and 320cm


The range of colours and widths available includes:

Range Colour Width
200cm 250cm 320cm
Cool Mood White/White–Charcoal   X  
White/Grey   X  
White/Charcoal X X X
Charcoal/Stone   X  
Charcoal/Charcoal X X X
Lilac Sunset White/White X X X
White/Plum Blossom   X  
White/Melocake X X X
Charcoal/Plum Blossom   X  
Charcoal Grey X
Comfort White/Linen X X X
Linen/Plum Blossom   X  
Linen/Linen X X X
Charcoal/Apricot X X X
Charcoal/Bronze X X X
Naturals White/Wet Sand X X X
Linen/White Charcoal   X  
Linen/Charcoal X X X
Charcoal/Linen X X X
Charcoal/Jade River X X X

FR Properties

FR rating to AS1530Pt3:

Ignitability Index 0
Heat Evolved Index 0
-Spread of Flame Index 0
Smoke Developed Index 5

Point-of-Sale support:

An integrated swatch of the entire Copaco range is available to manufacturers in quantity for their own use or for distribution to their retail customer base. This swatch includes all colours within the Deco N203 range.

Fabrication requirements:

There are no special considerations for fabricators when using Deco N203, except that good quality cutting techniques should be used. It is recommended that Deco N203 is cut using either crush cutting or ultrasonic cutting machinery. Of course, the performance of the fabric will ultimately be determined by the ability of the hardware system to adequately support the fabric with minimum bending and general deformation of the roller tube, especially in wide width installations.

Cut-to-length service:

Deco N203 is available in cut lengths at a surcharge of $10.00 per cut. Cut lengths are generally despatched within two working days of order and are available for shipment to all parts of Australia.

Key selling features:

The Deco N203 range has several features that provide competitive advantage over other screen fabric ranges sold in Australia. In particular:

  • an extensive range of 20 colours that is divided into four colour palettes:
    – ‘Cool mood’
    – ‘Lilac sunset’
    – ‘Comfort’
    – ‘Natural’ (green hues).
  • roll widths of 200cm, 250cm and 320cm make for maximum cutting efficiency
  • FR rating tested to AS1530 Pt3
  • five-year manufacturer’s warranty (included for external use)

Product warranty:

Deco N203 is provided with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty, supported directly by Copaco and including for internal and external applications, except when used not in accordance with the manufacturers specifications and when used in tension systems.

Energy ratings:


Deco N203

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